Apple’s new iOS 15.0.2 popular-features

ios 15 popular features
ios 15 popular features

Earlier this month, Apple stopped signing the first public release of iOS 15. Now the company has just stopped signing iOS 15.0.1, which means that users who updated their devices to iOS 15.0.2 or iOS 15.1 can no longer downgrade to iOS 15.0.1.

iOS 15.0.1 was released to users on October 1 to fix a bug that prevented users from unlocking iPhone 13 models using the “Apple Watch Unlock feature.” It also corrected an issue that caused the Settings app to incorrectly show that the device’s storage was full. iOS 15.0.2 was released a few days later with even more bug fixes.

At the same time, Apple has been running tests with iOS 15.1, which reenables SharePlay in FaceTime and the ProRes video codec for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max users. iOS 15.1 will be released to all users on Monday, October 25, and the RC build is now available for developers and beta users.

Reverting to older iOS builds is often used by those who jailbreak their iPhones. Restoring an iPhone or iPad to a previous version of iOS can also sometimes be helpful for users who experience significant bugs after upgrading to the latest version of iOS.

If you have experienced any serious issues with iOS 15.0.2, unfortunately, you’ll now have to wait until a future update rather than downgrading to iOS 15.0.1.

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