WhatsApp redesigns call interface for iOS

whatsapp new calling interface

WhatsApp has officially rolled out a new calling interface for iOS users.

The revamp rollout comes shortly after a brief testing period with beta users. With the new look, the social media giant has clearly aimed at making it easier for users to add more people to an ongoing call, along with other enhancements.

The revamped look’s calling screen looks very similar to that of FaceTime which shows everyone that’s on the call. The feature also lets users invite other people to join the call n and even call a person again if they were unable to accept it.

A deeper look into the release notes for WhatsApp version 2.21.140 also indicates that archived chats will now stay archived and muted when new messages arrive. The update also shows sticker suggestions when the user is writing a message.

WhatsApp says these new features are being gradually released to users, so not everyone will get them right after installing the update. 

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