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The best comparison between Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse

twitter spaces vs clubhouse audio apps

Messages and videos are out of date! Drop-in audio chat rooms on voice-based social networks such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are a new rage—and that is where the battle for dominance is currently raging. Although Twitter Spaces Vs Clubhouse battle shows that they are very similar, yet have subtle differences in their user interface that sets them apart.

Comparison between Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse

On the surface, Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse look pretty similar in design and function. But while Clubhouse may have been first out of the gate, Spaces has already surpassed Clubhouse in some aspects (more on features below). Early users seem to agree:

Here’s what some twitter users got to say about the two apps

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse (as of April 7, 2021) features:

FeatureTwitter SpacesClubhouse
User roles2(Speakers, listeners)3(Moderators, Speakers, listeners)
PlatformsiOS and AndroidiOS only
RegistrationOpen to all (listeners); hosting available to selected beta testersHave to receive invite from an existing user; once you’re in, anyone can host
Audio qualityHi-fidelity audio built on Periscope’s infrastructureLow-quality audio
DevicesMobile app, web acess in progressMobile app only
Audience reactionsEmojis(5)N/A
Max Speakers /listenersMax 10 Speakers, no limit to listenersNo limit to Speakers, max 5,000 listeners
Scheduling roomN/AAvailable
Twitter spaces vs Clubhouse

It remains to be seen how Twitter Spaces’ full launch will impact Clubhouse’s popularity.

One huge difference between both platforms is their user base. Clubhouse is a new app that is building its base from scratch, whereas Twitter already has millions of daily active users, which gives Spaces a leg.

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