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SafeBoda’s Mobile Money Services are now available to the general public.

SafeBoda app

SafeBoda, Uganda’s largest ride-hailing firm, had a ceremony at Lazio’s bar and restaurant in Kololo to officially debut its payment service. Mr. Mackay Aomu, the head of the Bank of Uganda’s National Payments (NPS) Systems, was the primary guest at the event, which was attended by a wide variety of Uganda’s IT, government, and financial community. It’s worth noting that the firm received its NPS license from the Bank of Uganda at the start of the year.

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Mr Mackay, who spoke at the occasion, praised SafeBoda for their remarkable effort in their path as a Ugandan digital start-up that first changed the informal sector of boda bodas by ensuring that boda boda servicemen and women are digitized.

SafeBoda was founded over 7 years ago with the goal of changing the way people used boda boda transportation services. There was hardly any firm or Boda boda service/group giving a helmet for the protection of its clients at the time. SafeBoda’s debut into the motorcycle taxi sector opened up a new vista for the industry since it allowed consumers to observe disciplined riders who would stop at traffic signals and ride carefully for the first time.

“Our mobile payments service is now open for all customers to use and enjoy the convenience and affordability that comes with it.” Said Ricky Rapa Thomson, Co-Founder and Director of Ops at SafeBoda


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