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Most Vital Umeme Yaka Codes And What They Actually Mean 2021

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We have all at least wanted to get some information off the Yaka meter screen without bothering to call customer service, from how many units you’re left with to how much time you’re left with to experience those dark hours of a total power blackout. And you did not know how to go about them. Just like your mobile phone, the Yaka meter since is also a computer, it is programmed to respond to certain Yaka codes to compute or accomplish certain commands and even alert you on what is supposed to be done next!

Here is a list of all the serial shortcodes for customers to get meter information and make relevant operations through the keypad.

FunctionShort code
CIU number(Meter number)#100#
Reason for Disconnection#073#
Stop the beepingPress the back button
Power usage#070#

How To Check Your Registration

Umeme might make a mistake and assign you a meter number that’s already been given to someone else. Or a smart crook could swap it and you end up paying their bills. To confirm whether you are using the right meter, switch on a bulb near your meter and dial #001#. Your power will temporarily go off for a second and then come back on. That is proof that the meter is yours and if it doesn’t go off, then you’ll need to contact Umeme.

How To Check Your Yaka Meter Number Or CIU Number

CIU number is the Customer Interface Unit or account number registered in the Umeme database. Have you lost your Yaka card which has your meter number written on it? At the time of paying for Yaka, you can check for it by dialing #100#.

How To Check For The Remaining Time On Your Meter

This comes in handy when you’re projecting and planning for your power. Before getting disconnected you might need to know how much time you are left with. Dail #074# and the Yaka meter will give you an estimate of the time remaining before disconnection so you can add units.

How To Silence Your Meter From Buzzing

Every Yaka meter has a tone that automatically activates when your units run under 15KWh to remind you that you are running low on units and need to re-load your units. It is a good initiative to keep you alert about your power only if it wasn’t annoying.

To stop this sound for a period of 12hrs, press and hold the back button indicated by the arrow for about 5-8 seconds until it beeps then releases it. This instantly silences the sound for 12 hours then after it automatically starts once again. The best way to stop the sound completely is to keep your units above 15.

How Much Power You’re Using At A Given Time

Dial #070# to check how much power you are using at a given time.

What Was The Reason For The Previous Disconnection?

You may be disconnected and you aren’t sure why. This will also help when you move into a new house and you want to know the power habits of a previous tenant. With the Yaka meter, you don’t have to call Umeme care all the time just Press #073#, it will display the reason for the last disconnection.

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