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List of Car manufacturers in Uganda

Car manufacturers in Uganda

List of car manufacturers in Uganda. The Automotive industry in Uganda is primarily involved in the assembly, retail, and distribution of motor vehicles. There are a number of motor vehicle dealers operating in the country, with the most established being:

Major Car Retailers in Uganda Include: Toyota East Africa/Toyota Uganda Ltd, Spear Motors Limited, General Motors East Africa (GMEA), Be Forward Ltd, and Ramzan Motors Limited – Kampala.

This is a List of Car manufacturers in Uganda

Kiira Motors Corporation

Kiira Motors Corporation or KMC is a State Enterprise in Uganda established to champion the Development of the Domestic Automotive Value Chain for job and wealth creation and commercialize the Kiira Electric Vehicle Project. The state-owned vehicle manufacturer Kiira Motors started production of electric vehicles in Uganda in July 2021. The plant that is under construction in Jinja shall make 5,000 electric buses and other EVs per year.

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