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Instagram notes: Here’s the app’s new feature for sharing notes with friends

Instagram has been bringing some changes to the platform as it recently introduced the notes feature, but what exactly is it?

Users have been expressing their thoughts on social media and while some seem to be big fans of it, others still have their doubts.

Nonetheless, the notes feature seems to be the trending topic that has everyone talking.

What is the notes feature on Instagram?

The notes feature allows users to post messages that will disappear after 24 hours. You have the option of sharing it with either your close friends or the people who follow you and you follow back.

To better explain it, they are like WhatsApp statuses that can only be seen by people you choose to share them with. At the moment, users can only write 60 characters.

Instagram notes

Unlike Instagram stories, these will appear in the message section and your friends will have the freedom to reply. If one responds, it will appear in your messages.

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Who can use the Instagram notes feature

At the moment, it is in the testing stage, which means, it is not a feature that has been made permanent. In fact, some users noticed this feature on their app around three weeks ago while others have only started to notice it now.

This does not come as a surprise as Instagram tends to test out a new feature in stages to understand how different brackets of the audience interact with it.

So if you’re someone who loved the idea of WhatsApp or even MSN statuses, this might be something you’ll like. What do you think about Instagram’s new Notes feature?


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