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How To Transfer Airtime and Share Data on Airtel


Learn how to transfer airtime and share data on Airtel from this article. It has all the essential information you need to know about sharing data between Airtel phone numbers. Airtel enables subscribers to transfer data with one another because situations sometimes hinder people from buying data directly from Airtel Uganda.

How to share data on Airtel Uganda.

Below are different ways of sharing data on the Airtel network;

  1. Dial *175*5#
  2. Choose Option 1: Tugabane. (Tugabane lets you share the internet bundles you will be loading with whomever you have added)
  3. Choose option 1: Activate and add the mobile number you want to share your data with
    After that, the person you have added will use any data bundle activated on your line with you (only until you choose to deactivate the Tugabane service)

Alternatively, you can share data via Airtel Me2u
To use Airtel’s me2U data sharing option;

  1. Dial *175*5#, and choose option 2.
  2. Enter the Phone number of the beneficiary and share your data with them.

The My Airtel App can help you skip all these USSD huddles.

    How To transfer airtime on Airtel Uganda using Airtel Money

    1. Dial *185#
    2. Select Option 2 – Airtime
    3. Selection Option 1 – Buy Airtime
    4. Choose Option 2 – For Another Number
    5. After, Enter the person’s phone number
    6. Enter the amount of airtime you want to buy them
    7. Confirm the transaction by inputting your pin (Proof-read the number and name of the recipient before sending)

    What is the code for Airtel airtime?

    Dial *185# and select airtime, then follow the prompts to make the purchase. You can share Airtel airtime with your loved ones instead of data because they can also buy bundles on their own.


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