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How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 11

iPhone 11

With help of this article, you’ll know how to take screenshots on the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 pro using the standard method. We also cover where to find those screenshots, and what you can do with them.

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 11

Need to capture a screenshot of what’s on your iPhone 11 screen right this minute? The easiest way to screenshot on iPhone 11 is by pressing the side button and the volume up button at the same time.

💡 A camera shutter noise will indicate that you took the screenshot successfully.

A thumbnail of the screenshot appears at the bottom right of the screen. Dismiss it right away by swiping off the right side of the screen. You can also wait for it to disappear. Either way, the screenshot has been saved.

To edit or share the screenshot right away, tap the thumbnail at the bottom right to access the screenshot editing tools (tap the pen icon) or the sharing menu in the action box (the box with the arrow coming out of it).

You can find all of your screenshots on your iPhone in the pre-installed Photos app, in the Screenshots album.

Why Can’t I Take a Screenshot on My iPhone 11?

Have trouble taking screenshots on your iPhone 11? There could be lots of causes for that, but here are a few common ones and what to do about them:

i)Maybe you aren’t pressing the buttons at the same time: If you’re following the instructions but not getting a screenshot, it could be that you haven’t quite mastered the procedure yet. You have to press both buttons at precisely the same time.

ii)The buttons might not be working: If you’re trying to take screenshots using the buttons and it’s not working, your buttons might not be functional. It could happen due to a case interfering with the button; try taking the case off and putting it back on.

iii)General Bugginess: Sometimes iPhones get a little buggy for no apparent reason. Try restarting your iPhone; that will solve most general bugginess. If that doesn’t work, see (and install) an update to the iPhone’s operating system (called iOS). New OS versions often include bug fixes.


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