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How to play YouTube in the background on iPhone


It is indeed possible to listen to music recordings on YouTube in the background if you follow this method.

The fact that you can’t continue with sound playback when you turn off your screen, unlike with music and online recording applications, is one of the basic drawbacks of YouTube’s default Android and iPhone applications. Thankfully, there are ways to keep YouTube running without breaking your device or spending a lot of money.

As you don’t miss anything from the moving video, a lot of YouTube’s content (such as original music, addresses, and comparable) is great for playing in the background. We’ll explain how to keep YouTube running in the background while no one is looking at it.

Sadly, utilizing Firefox or Google Chrome on iOS doesn’t imitate a similar sound playback include. In spite of the fact that they play your video for quite a while (assuming that you rehash the above cycle on your iPhone), the video stops eventually.

Thankfully, Safari, an app that comes with Apple, provides this functionality. However, the approach is just slightly different from what you would do with Android’s versions of Chrome or Firefox.

Open Safari and type into the browser bar to access the YouTube website. Make sure Safari doesn’t take you straight to the YouTube app, as it might. Open the necessary video on YouTube, then, while still there, touch the AA button on Safari’s search bar. Play your movie after selecting Request Desktop Site from the selection option. This method ensures that you can watch YouTube videos while turning off your screen.

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As another option, you can duplicate the video connect from the YouTube application and glue it in Safari, rehashing the other cycle expressed above for Android.

In any case, turn off your screen once your video has played. Your video will stop playing, but you can keep calm. To play the video and manage its volume and playback, just open Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner of the screen on iPhone models with Face ID, or swipe up from the bottom of the screen if your iPhone has a Home button).

When you click the Play button, the sound will start. Now that your screen is off, you can focus on it.

The Paid Option to Keep YouTube Playing in the Background

In the event that you’re willing to fork over some money, you can play YouTube recordings behind the scenes by means of the default YouTube application. This is the simplest and most solid strategy since it’s the authority arrangement.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium, previously known as YouTube Red, is YouTube’s paid membership. The help costs $11.99 per month. Aside from a promotion-free encounter, this additionally gives you the choice to pay attention to recordings with your screen off or while utilizing other applications, and even download recordings to observe later.


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