How To Make Money On YouTube in Uganda | 9 Ways

How to start a YouTube Channel in Uganda
How to start a YouTube Channel in Uganda

There is a chance that you have heard stories of people making outlandish income on YouTube. Most of those stories are true. To make money on YouTube is a prospect that attracts many people to start a YouTube channel, but it is not as simple as deciding to become a YouTuber and then get rich overnight.

With 2 billion users and 6 billion page views per day, YouTube offers an unbeatable opportunity for content creators to turn their passions into income earners.

In today’s article, we will be addressing how to make money on YouTube in Uganda. We are going to show you proven strategies on how to start a profitable YouTube channel in Uganda. First and foremost you have to create the channel, the link below will guide you step by the step.

10 Ways on How to make money on YouTube in Uganda

There are a couple of ways you can make money after you reach the mandatory threshold. You can decide to do one or more according to your preference. Options are:

1. Google Ads(also known as AdSense for YouTube).

One of the most common and easiest ways to start to earn money on YouTube in Uganda is through Google AdSense also known as AdSense for YouTube. AdSense is an advertising program run by Google through which website, app, and video publishers earn money from their content through targeted and interactive media advertisements.

To be eligible for Google AdSense, you will need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 watch hours within the past 12months.

A common question asked is how much you can earn on youtube in Uganda per 1000 views… the answer is between $2 to $5 on average. But in some cases can be higher or lower depending on many calculating factors.

How to Apply for Google Adsense in Uganda

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. In the top right, select your account icon > Creator Studio.
  3. In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
  4. Under “Monetization,” click Enable.
  5. Follow the on-screen steps.

AdSense for YouTube is the easiest method for earning money on YouTube in Uganda, but to really utilise the power of YouTube and maximise your revenue…a combination of Google Ads and other monetizing streams work best. If you have a blog, you can also add Adsense to your website to increase your revenue.

2. Channel Membership Perks

What exactly are Youtubes channel membership perks in Uganda? Membership perks is a method where content creators can offer paid memberships to their viewers, including added extras, unique emojis, badges, and more.

The official YouTube description states the following;

You can offer multiple membership levels, which all have different prices. Keep in mind that if you have multiple levels, their perks build on each other. This means the highest-priced levels have access to perks offered at lower-priced levels.


It seems that YouTube has noticed that many of its creators are earning money from Patreon and have decided to make life a little bit easier by having a built-in feature.

Again, this is another feature that may not be appropriate for your channel, but it is indeed a fantastic way to earn money on YouTube in Uganda.

3. Super chat.

Your channel fans pay to get their messages highlighted in chat streams. To be eligible for this, you must be living in a country where Super Chat is supported. The good news is the Super Chat feature is supported in Uganda.

4. YouTube Premium Revenue.

Here when YouTube’s premium subscribers watch your videos, you get a percentage on their subscription fee.

5. Sponsored content.

Do product placement on your channel. Brands like advertising their products on channels they can reach prospective customers. For example, if you have a cooking show, a company that manufactures spices might want you to promote their products in a paid partnership set up.

Depending on the company or brand, you can earn from a few thousand to hundreds of them.

6. Merchandise shelf.

Your fans can browse and buy official branded merchandise that is showcased on your watch pages. You need to have at least 10,000 subscribers to qualify for this program and you must not have any community guidelines strikes.

7. Donations

Lastly, we have generous people all across the world who take the time to donate.

Donations are often made through some emotional connection with the content creator. This could be excitement, sadness, fear, or any other strong emotion.

8. Sell merchandise related to your videos

Do you offer beauty tips? Sell your beauty products.

TIP: To effectively monetize your channel using external methods such as those mentioned above, you will need to have a landing page or a website. For example, if you sell beauty products, you need to have a website where you can direct your customers to order your products.

There are more ways to monetize your YouTube channel in Uganda. The most important thing is to consider how you will monetize your channel without losing your viewers. People don’t like adverts. And if you muddy your videos with adverts, nobody will watch them.

9. Recruit direct payments from your fans and followers using apps like Patreon

Sign up on this site for a reliable monthly income. Contrary to the usual pay per watch hours, Patreon pays for a member’s contribution. Go ahead and ask your viewers to subscribe to your Patreon page as well.


So there you have it, how to make money on YouTube in Uganda. Remember, while it is easy to start up, reaching the point you will begin earning is a different story. However, with commitment and consistency, you will easily achieve it. After that, the sky is the limit.

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