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How to load Freaky Friday on Airtel in Uganda

Freaky Friday on Airtel

Airtel Freaky Friday is a weekly data offer given as a bonus to Airtel users. Faced with stiff competition from rival carriers, Airtel launched a Friday-only data plan.

The data pack differs from standard Airtel internet packages in that it allows you to surf the web like a boss all weekend. In the sections below, I’ll show you how to easily load Airtel’s crazy Friday data packages onto your smartphone and browse for the rest of the weekend.

How to load Airtel Freaky Friday.

  1. Dial *149*10# and choose your preferred offer (24hrs or 3-days)
  2. Alternatively Dial *149#
  3. Then Select Option 10 (Freaky Friday)
  4. Choose your preferred offer (whether a 24hours or 3day deal)
  5. Then pay with Airtime or Airtel Money
  6. DONE: Your Freaky Friday offer will be loaded on your account

Dial *149*10# to get 3GB & 15Mins at UGX 4,500 valid for 24 hours, 5.5GB & 30mins at UGX 6,500 and 9GB & 30 mins at UGX 10,000 both valid for 3 days. To gift a bundle, dial *149*10*4#

How to buy Airtel Freaky Friday for another number

You may easily give the data offer to friends and family, just like the primary Freaky Friday loading method. So here’s how to use your phone to load freaky Friday for another number:

  1. Dial *149*10#
  2. Alternatively Dial *149#, then select option 10 (Freaky Friday)
  3. Then choose option 3 (Gift)
  4. Select your preferred offer, whether a 24hours or 3days offer
  5. Then enter an Airtel number you wish to load Freaky Friday for
  6. Pay with Airtime or Airtel Money
  7. DONE: The Freaky Friday offer will be sent to your recipient’s phone number


Airtel Freaky Friday is only applicable from Friday through Monday within the time periods you selected when purchasing the data bundles. You may also experiment with additional airtel data offerings, such as these airtel night bundles or standard airtel bundles.


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