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How to Download App Not Available in Your Country on Android

App Not Available in Your Country

Sometimes we want to download a popular new app or game, only to discover that it is not accessible in our country.

This can be frustrating because many amazing apps aren’t available in every country. So you’re probably wondering if there’s a method to install apps that aren’t accessible in your location on Android.

Well, there’s always a way on Android. And in this post, we’ll show you how to install Android apps that aren’t accessible in your country in the best and simplest method possible.

Connect to a VPN service

A Virtual Private Network serves as a bridge from your location to the service/website you want to access. This way, you can circumvent geo-blocking by masking your location.

Launch the VPN app you’ve downloaded and connect to the country where you want to download the app from. i.e. If you want to download Spotify, you’ll need to connect to the United Kingdom (UK) server

There are a number of VPNs available; most people use various sorts of VPNs, but we recommend one that allows you to access geo-locked apps while also not wasting data, which is generally the case with commercial VPN services like Tunnel Bear and Express VPN.

Use Alternate Application Stores

For all key services, Android OS offers a variety of alternatives. Despite the fact that Google Play Store is an all and highly functioning app store, other options are not limited by geographical restrictions. These alternative app stores may be downloaded from the internet or installed directly from the Play Store.

Here are the top alternatives you can use to download Android apps not available in your country:

1. Aptoide: It is an open-source software whose interface and functionality replicate the Google Play Store. The store contains almost every app from the Play Store and will help you bypass regional limitations with ease.

2. Yalp Store: Yalp store works in a very convenient manner by downloading apps directly from the Google Play Store by converting them into APKs. You can put in the details of the app you wish to install, and Yalp Store will download the APK version of the app.

3. Aurora Store: The Aurora store app is an independent app store that lets users connect to their Google accounts. This means that app preferences from your Play Store will be transferred to the Aurora Store making it easy to download Apps from other countries.

Downloading App Not Available in your country on Android can be a little technical but if you’ve followed the instructions to the latter, you should have no problems.


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