How to apply for a driving permit in Uganda online

uganda driving permit

Driving a car in Uganda is a childhood dream that many Ugandans strive to fulfill. However, you can only make it to the road if you own a valid driving permit. As of 2021, the process of acquiring a driving permit in Uganda has been updated after the issuance process was transferred to Uganda Driver Licensing System.

Applying for a driving permit is easy but involves a series of steps.

What do you need to apply for a driving permit in Uganda?

The mandatory documents you will need for this process include a valid national ID in its original copy, a valid passport for foreigners, or a refugee card for refugees. Then, you need proof of payment – which is the payment registration number – from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

You will also need to present your original learner’s license, a certificate of competence from Police IOV, as well as a certificate of completion obtained from a licensed driving school after training.

Steps to follow to apply for a Driving permit in Uganda.

Of course, you’ll need to first learn how to drive. Thereafter, visit the URA portal, obtain a PRN and pay for the driving test (UGX 25,000), take the test at the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV), and obtain a Certificate of Competency.

Download and fill the driving license application form from the UDLS website. Visit the URA portal, get an assessment for the desired license duration (1, 3, or 5 years), generate the corresponding PRN, and pay. Then, take your receipts, National ID, medical form to any UDLS Office near you.

How much does a permit cost in Uganda?

You need to know how much you’ll pay for a driving permit. In addition, you also should know for how long you will hold it before renewal. A 5 year validity costs UGX 330,000; a 3 year validity costs UGX 230,000; while a 1 year validity costs UGX 135,000. 


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