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ugandans in hollywood

As a nation, we have a relatively small presence on the international screens. The Ugandans in Hollywood are quite a handful you can literally count them on your fingertips. None the less however there are a few who have shown up and it’s agreeable that they deserve the mention. They have put in the work. Me and the team then just thought it decent to give them the glory and the gratitude, we so much owe them as a society. I will just walk you through the individuals in no order or hierarchy

Nana Kagga-McPherson

Nana Kagga
Source: Instagram/Nana Kagga

Nana Kagga McPherson also known as ‘Nana Kagga-Hill’ or known as ‘Nana HillThe star was born to Ugandan parents in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a Ugandan filmmaker, Content creator, Scriptwriter, Petroleum Engineer, motivational speaker, and actress. She studied both in Uganda and United Kingdom. Nana Hill has tasted the Hollywood fame and has taken ahead to shift her treasurable experience back to the city of seven hills through various local shows, the most popular one being Beneath the Lies. She has been cast in Hollywood movies like Cowboys and Indians, Star Trek, A Good day to be Black, and Sexy.

Florence Kasumba

Florence Kasumba
Source: Instagram/Florence Kasumba

Florence is a Ugandan-born German actress. She has also had a fair share of the American glory. Florence has featured in blockbuster movies like Captain America; Civil war, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Avengers; Infinity War, and Shenzi in the Lion king. The 44-year-old also featured in NBC’s television Serie, Emerald city. Her career is nothing short of a success.

Ntare Mwine

Source : Instagram/Ntale Mwine

Born in Hanover, New Hampshire to Ugandan parents in 1967. Ntare has also given Uganda some attention. Ntare has been cast in films like Blood Diamond, Usutu in Heroes, The Riches, and Crime Scene Investigation. He also appeared in Hollywood’s Queen of Katwe, a typical Kampala-inspired tale. The television star also took interest in directing and this birthed Kuhani which got him more recognition at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam and more international recognition

Betty Okino

Source: Instagram/Betty Okino

Born in 1975 in Entebbe, a Kampala suburb. The star explored gymnastics in The United States and was successful at it but later moved to the televised shows and films. She has appeared on television shows like Moesha, The District, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Everybody Hates Chris. The wife is currently taking an active role in teaching dance, choreography, and artistry in south California. More on IMDb

Daniel Kaluuya

Getty images: Daniel Kaluuya

The English actor and writer born to Ugandan parents in London, February 1989. Testimony to his stardom is the various accolades attached to his name for example the British academy film award, Screen Actors Guild Award, Laurence Olivier Award, and BAFTA rising star award. Kaluuya has been cast in several movies, for example, Malcolm and Marie -one of his latest, Get Out, Skins, Black Panther, Judas and the black Messiah, Kick-ass2, Widows, and several other

Arnold Oceng

Anold Ocheng
Source: Instagram/Arnold Oceng

Arnold Oceng alias Snakeyman. He is a Ugandan-born British actor and singer. Oceng is best known for his role in Orange Hill, Adulthood, and Brotherhood. He has since played a minor supportive role in many television series for example Casualty and The Bill and Sold. The Ugandan star also acted alongside Reese Witherspoon in the film, The Good Lie.

Patrick Ssenjovu

Source: Instagram/Patrick Ssenjovu

The Kayunga born and bred Ugandan has featured in Wutang, an American saga. Game6 and The Interpreter. He took it a step further and joined impact international dance and theater troupe which performed throughout Europe and The United States.

Cleopatra Koheirwe

cleo 1

Cleopatra is a Ugandan actress, writer, singer, and media personality working at Radiocity 97Fm. Her first onscreen role was on The Last King of Scotland -the Idi Amin-inspired movie as Joy and she has since garnered numerous roles on different film and television projects locally and internationally. She has had a role in Netflix’s Sense 8 as a mother in season 2. Cleopatra has had other supporting roles across time.

Arthur Simeon

Arthur 1 edited

Arthur Simeon, standup comedian, based in Toronto Canada. Born in Kampala, Uganda, 1984. Arthurs main claim to fame is his sense of humor and we’ll give him that. Kudos to him. He has appeared at Halifax comedy festival for CBC television as well as the Winnipeg and Cottage Country Comedy Festival.

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