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7 Online Productive Things To Invest Time In While In Lockdown

Staying Productive

As the country goes into another lockdown courtesy of the pandemic, most of you are planning on how to stay creative and productive as the weeks run till when we’re finally free. Since you can’t be switching from app to app say Tik-Tok, Instagram, Netflix to Facebook this whole time, it’s not worth it. Matter of fact to some extent social media also bores, yes let’s agree on that. So we are not going to rely on it. I summarized a list of productive activities worth investing in your time and data obviously.

Productive things you can do online at home:

1. Learn a new language or framework

Image Credit:Pexels/Markus Winkler  

Remember all those times you said you’d learn Python, JavaScript, or C but just couldn’t find a spare minute? Here’s your chance. With a wide selection of YouTube videos and online tutorials at your disposal, why not use this time to learn a completely new language or framework like Flutter and React Native for app development. There is quite a long list of good online websites to start from say Code Academy, W3Schools, and many more.

2. Take up a photography course

image credit: Unsplush/Hanson Lu

Always wanted to learn but never found the time? View life through a different lens as you capture all the important moments – big or small – on camera. It could be your phone camera too. It doesn’t matter. As Chavis said, “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You.” But you might as well check out the Canon EOS M50. Check it out on Amazon.

3. Update your CV and professional accounts 

Before lockdown, the idea of updating your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile might not have been very high up on your priority list. Rather than putting it off any longer, why not give all of your professional documents and accounts a total makeover? Use this present period to work towards an even brighter future. 

4. Start a blog


You can never go wrong with writing a blog. Whether you’re using it as an online writing portfolio, a space to share your passions, or as an opportunity to try something new, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. With WordPress, Blogger, or Wix you can start up a blog with minimal or no coding skills and just some money involved.

5. Revamp your business’s online presence.

Most of you own small businesses and only attract customers that just pass by. What i told you that you can increase on your product sales registered through online platforms. With Facebook and Instagram, you can create a business page, post pictures of your products or services say for your Clothing business and attract more customers that way.

6. Start up a youtube channel

If you are good at something and believe in yourself, there is no harm in adding some value to society by sharing your knowledge. Be it coding or painting. You could start up a youtube channel and the rest will be history.

 7. Write a novel


The idea of writing a novel is one that can often seem daunting. How many of us have opened Microsoft Word, stared at a blank page for a while, and then admitted defeat? Enough is enough. Writing can be an incredibly therapeutic practice and one which can help to pass the time. Who knows, you might even be the next J.K. Rowling? 

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