6 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps With Professional Features | 2020 Edition

You can record your smartphone screen to make how-to videos, educational videos, or stream your gameplay. Many Android screen recording apps are available for both rooted and non-rooted devices that allow you to record your screen with a lot of powerful features.

Some apps come with an embedded watermark on-screen. But there are even many free screen video recorder for Android that does not contain any watermark. They also provide tutorials on how to screen record on Android. We have compiled a list of best Android screen recorder apps that pack a lot of features.

 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps For 2020

  • Super Screen Recorder
  • DU Recorder
  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Google Play Games
  • Screen Recorder With Audio And Facecam
  • ADV Screen Recorder

1. Super Screen Recorder – No Root REC & Screenshot

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Super Screen Recorder is an excellent Android screen recorder that comes with a user-friendly interface along with impressive video editing features. It does not require a rooted device and has no time limit for the recordings.

The app provides high-quality recordings with various resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates. You can pause and resume while recording and also hide the floating window.

There is a Facecam, GIF Maker, and brush tool to draw over your clip. It does not contain a watermark by default. However, you can enable the watermark feature to show your brand if you wish to. The app is free and ad-supported and contains in-app purchases.

2. DU recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live

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DU recorder is one of the best Android screen recorder apps with over 10 million downloads. It permits you to record a video of whatever is happening on your Android’s screen.

Also, you can later edit the video using the built-in editor. It requires no root access, and there is no time limit for recording. It, however, includes a watermark that will be displayed on every video that you create.

Other features include options to choose different resolutions, frame rates, bit rates, front-facing camera, shake gestures, GIF maker, etc. All the functions are available in the free version itself without any in-app purchases. The Android screen capture app also works in 20 different languages and does not contain any ads.

3. AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

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AZ Screen Recorder is a popular Android screen capture app used by more than a million users. It is easy to operate and requires no root access. It has no watermarks or time limits for recording. It allows you to create HD and Full HD videos, and you can also pause and resume while recording.

The videos that you make get automatically saved to the gallery. Apart from this, the app is highly customizable. You can set video resolution, bit-rate, frame rate, screen orientation, customize timer to stop, and share or delete recorded videos.

AZ Screen Recorder’s pro version covers some additional features like Magic button, ad-removal, countdown timer, etc. It is available as an in-app purchase. However, the free version already includes most of the necessary features and contains ads.

4. Google Play Games


Now that you’re looking for the best screen recorder for Android, one could be on your phone itself. Google Play Games is more than just a hub for mobile gaming. It has built-in screen recording functions that work rather well.

Apart from recording games, you can also record other things like apps or anything that you wish to. It can be the best option for users with newer versions of Android.

However, if you have an older Android handset, you should have a rooted device to access the recording function. It works up to resolutions of 720p. Google Play Games is free, with no ads or in-app purchases. But the screen recording feature may not work in all the countries.

5. Screen Recorder – Free No Ads

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Screen Recorder is a full-featured screen recorder for Android that is entirely free with no ads or in-app purchases. It is lightweight and does not contain a watermark, or requires root access. You can get different resolutions, various frame rates, bit rates, and also add text or logo to your recordings.

It allows you to record touch input, external audio, and supports Facecam while recording. Moreover, it includes a video trimmer, and you can also choose the location to save your video. The app is available in multiple languages apart from English.

6. Screen Recorder with Audio and Facecam, Screenshot

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Screen Recorder is another free Android screen recording app. It permits you to record your screen with Facecam, take screenshots, and edit videos after recording. It does not contain a watermark or requires a rooted device.

You can choose to save your recorded video in various formats with high-quality resolution. You can even get unlimited time to record screen and audio. The app has a simple interface and does not contain any in-app purchases. However, it shows annoying ads.


7. ADV Screen Recorder

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ADV Screen Recorder is another reliable screen recorder for Android that provides all the essential features. It offers you to record your phone’s screen with two different engines. You can set different resolutions, frame rates, bit rates, and also draw and write over the clip.

While recording, you can use both the front and the rear cameras. Also, it allows you to pause the recording if necessary. The Android screen capture app does not contain a watermark and does not require root access either. It adds a countdown of 3 seconds before starting the screen recording. It is lightweight, free, and contains ads along with in-app purchases.


You can find a built-in Android screen recorder on many custom ROMs, such as OnePlus’ OxygenOS, Xiaomi MIUI, etc. The preloaded tools offer more features that you would imagine. Also, using them can be as easy as tapping a single button in the quick actions menu. So, take a look at them as well.

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