10 Best Must-have WordPress Plugins for Your Website 2021

Wordpress plugins

WordPress is an incredibly capable content management system that delivers a complete platform for websites. It isn’t omnipotent though. Even the best platforms in the world cannot do everything.

The great thing about WordPress is that it is designed to work seamlessly with plugins.

Plugins are small apps that can be installed directly into WordPress to improve existing features or add new ones.

Without plugins, WordPress is a superb system for managing websites.

With plugins, WordPress becomes an exceptional system for managing websites with almost unlimited potential!

This post will outline some of the best must-have WordPress plugins. Some will be free and some will cost money. Each offers something valuable to website owners and can deliver every conceivable feature you could ever need.

We have personally curated this list out of the thousands of WordPress plugins available. Use one, use them all, it’s entirely up to you!

1. MobileMonkey’s WP-Chatbot

Do you want to join your business with the 1.3 billion users on the platform of Facebook Messenger? Then plugin your website with MobileMonkey’s WP-Chatbot. It pretty much works on the traditional website window in which the website user can easily chat with the team members to clear up their questions, but with the extra advantage of arranging information on every single one of those users.

Whenever a user chats with a MobileMonkey powered site member, the chitchat they’re having is being simplified through Facebook Messenger. This means that every single chat is having its own history. More significantly, you can also offer forms where users can automatically fill their information, easing it for you to assemble the data for your consumers and follow up with them.

2. Yoast Seo

Yoast is one of the finest on-page SEO plugins for WordPress websites. Yoast SEO tells you that how you are going to optimize your posts, and offers you the key endorsements on how you can enhance your keyword selection and search ranking for each. And it’s not just about your keyword use Yoast also examines your readability and the metadata of your content. A crucial for adding up to improve your search performance.

3. Jetpack

Jetpack is the all-in-one-stop features plugin for every WordPress website created by the WordPress team. Jetpack is an important must-have plugin, giving WordPress users many influential features. It holds up every single component of website performance, security, image optimization, traffic growth, design, etc.

4. Akismet Anti Spam

Akismet Anti-Spam plugin has the tendency to get installed with WordPress automatically. Akismet is your main protection against spam notifications on your WordPress website.

It cleanses out all the comments which are spammy, with illegal links, irrelevant messages, and alike. You can also mark a status history for each comment, so you can know where it’s coming from. If you want more influential features, there’s also a premium edition present for you.

5. WooCommerce

If you want to create an online store, then WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin you are definitely going to need. WooCommerce is the number one plugin for eCommerce on WordPress. You can easily install it and simply set it up to add product lists and a shopping cart on your site.

It also holds up the features for offering multiple options in delivery, and payment methods, etc. There is also an online community group of WooCommerce consumers global that you can connect with easily.

6. Wordfence Security

Until your website gets hacked by a hacker, most people take the website security for granted.

This WordPress plugin protects your website against hacking with immediate monitoring and guard. It also offers firewall protection, blocking, malware scan, login security, and many more features.

Wordfence also logs immediate activities on your website, so you can always be updated on whatever is going around your website.  

7. WPForms

If you want to add forms in pages and post, nothing comes near to WPForms. It is one of the most beginner-friendly plugins for building forms in WordPress – WPForms has a drag-and-drop interface that supports you to create an interactive form easily and quickly.

The plugin also has a lite type that you can use, and keep utilizing for free if it pleases your requirements.

If you want more features, you can to the pro version – the paid version lets you gather payments, take job applications, arrange surveys, and so on.

9. MonsterInsights

This plugin supports your Google Analytics noticeable through your WordPress dashboard. It’s fast and simple to connect Google Analytics, and once it’s set up, it’s so suitable to see your data inside WordPress.

10. Redirection

There must be times where you have to modify the permalinks of your page or post, but now or then, you will likely forget to send them, since that course can get pretty dull.

The Redirection plugin lets you organize all the 404 errors and 301 redirects in your website. You can then redirect all those defective URLs and have complete logs of all the redirects. This plugin is specifically used when you make big modifications to your WordPress website.


Mentioned above are the best must-have WordPress plugins that will make your life simpler while managing a WordPress website and will support you to accelerate your website performance in an array of key areas.

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